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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
You can buy my love with corn and spaghetti.
Where's the fun in making sense?
The only straight I am's a straight up bitch.
Being 'normal' is overrated.
I call everyone hon, darling, sweetie, friendo, buddy, pal, bucko, etc.
I joke around a lot. If my jokes ever do anything negative to you, tell me and I promise I will do my best to stop. I never mean to make fun of people, I promise. Just say something, I'll most likely spew out an apology quickly. Just know if you're reading this, I appreciate you!
Have a fantabulous day my darling~
Giant blob of fangirl trash.
[Demon that feeds off angst]
Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.
Professional Dork/Nerd/Fangirl
Professional of Many Things (such as Cup Holder, Dog Sitter, Animal Obsesser, YouTube Browser, Animal Lover, Dreamer, etc.)
Addicted to Sims!
I make a lot of jokes and puns. Sorry in advance, I guess. no I'm not but if you have any good fish puns let minnow ;)
I love a lot of cartoons and animes. You'll have to live with it.
I will always love 'kid shows', I am u n s t o p p a b l e.
Totally not a Rayquaza.... Totally not!!
I'm extremely random, you have been warned!
McCree is my McSon, and he's a damn good looking son.
My other son is Gaara. He is my precious sand child.
My other other son is Karamatsu and my other other other son is Ichimatsu, I will protect them at all costs.
My other other other other son is Zuko. My precious fire child.
My other other other other other son is Tyrian. He's nuts and I love him.
My other other other other other other son is Shiro, and he's my precious PTSD sweetie pie son.
*holds her sons close and hisses*
Wow. Gay. (*whispers* gay.)
How much gayer can it get? Like, 99% more gay. All the gay.
"Not everything has to be gay!" Well not everything has to be straight but that doesn't stop 99% of media.
"You gotta look inside yourself and say: what am I willing to put up with today? NOT. FUCKIN. THIS!" ~Game Grumps
Be yourself. An original is always better than a copy.
Remember, the difference between goofing around and science is writing down the data!
*kicks down a door* *jumps through a window* *flips a table* *breaks a bed* IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING A POINT.
The best way to threaten somebody is with a butter sock. Particularly a frozen butter sock, but a wet butter sock also does the trick.
[99% of the time, she's ready to throw down]
Don't. Yiff. The. Fox. DO NOT.
There will be no bitchin' in my mothafuckin' kitchen.
[She is filled with... crippling depression and anxiety.]
I didn't get no sleep 'cuz of y'all, y'all not gonna get no sleep 'cuz of me! *slams pans*
[is tired of literally everything]
You are the result of 3.8 billion years of evolutionary success. Act like it.
"Remember: Crotch first, dun got scooped." ~ MatPat, 2016
I am a dork and there is nothing you can do to stop me.
"Bitch I hope the fuck you do. You're gonna be a dead son of a bitch, I tell you that!" *waves knife*
Go knock 'em dead, darling!
Poorly informed on most important topics, highly informed on tiny, obscure, useless factoids.
You know it'd be easier to get kids not to do drugs if we called angel dust something like moist curdle. "Hey kid, you,,, want some, moist curdle?" and I'm pretty sure kids would be like "mmmmm better not."
Super ace, but also somehow oddly bi at the same time.
I may be 18 but I can still act like a child.
Thicc thighs save lives.
Such a fukin' weeb. SUE ME.

tumblr: (reblog blog, where I reblog the stuffs I like)… (art blog, not very active but I try)



17/United States

My real name is Abby!! <3 You may call me: Momo or Sheltie!! <3 I also like to be called sir instead of ma'am, sir sounds cooler to me but I mean either one works :3

Shit I Ship Like Motherfucking FedEx (I am several varieties of trash, much like gum I come in many different flavors)
Shikamaru x Temari (TemaShika)
Sakura x Sasuke (SasuSaku)
Naruto x Hinata (NaruHina)
Ruby x Weiss (White Rose)
Blake x Yang (Bumblebee)
Ren x Nora (Renora)
Coco x Velvet (Cross Hares)
Emerald x Mercury (Emerc)
Touko x N (Ferris Wheel Shipping)
Hugh x Rosa (Sequel Shipping)
Serena x Calem (Kalos Shipping)
Summer x Ben
Kate x Keith (Vatonage Shipping)
Solana x Lunick (Ranger Shipping)
Zinnia x May (DeltaSapphire Shipping)
Ruby x Sapphire (Ruphirre/Garnet)
Amethyst x Peridot (Amedot)
Amethyst x Pearl (Pearlmethyst)
Steven x Connie (Stevonnie)
Widowmaker x Tracer (WidowTracer)
McCree x Hanzo (McHanzo)
Mercy x Reaper (Mercykill)
Soldier 76 x Reaper (Reaper76)
Ana x Reinhardt (Anahardt)
Genji x Mercy (Gency)
Genji x Zenyatta (Genyatta)
Sans x Toriel (Soriel)
Papyrus x Mettaton (Papyton)
Alphys x Undyne (Alphyne)
Keith x Lance (Klance)
Shiro x Allura
(I have so many other OC ships that would make this page way too long lol)

.: People Who I Find Most Inspiring :.
:icon4spirits: :iconkitistrasza: :iconlouie-jr: :iconherocarys: :iconbluc: :icondebsie911: :icondr1venbyboredom: :iconnekomellow: :iconyamino: :iconmikeinel: :iconai-bee: :icondyemelikeasunset: :iconlopoddity: :iconkilalaaa: :iconhazurasinner: :iconnekoshiba: :iconstickaroo: :iconky-nim: :iconrainbowscreen: :icontheycallhimcake: :iconpikokko: :iconshadowsofheartwork: :iconfaith-wolff: :iconchikkbug: :iconbeb-artz: :iconglassbutton: :iconhikumirin: :iconpinkcappanda: :iconrakkuguy: :icon21as: :iconsrealms: :iconstressedjenny: :icondeer-head: :iconpioy: :iconlagenas: :iconlavvythejackalope: :iconkittidere: :iconeorje: :iconkeilani2k76: :iconbowsnbeanies: :iconraine-bot: :icongaartes: :iconvaniije: :iconmess-anime-artist: :iconmojoromo: :iconfluorescentnova: :iconprpldragonart: :iconhawkkitty: :iconnobody5679: :iconlunark01: :iconyurax-mae: :iconaccursedasche: :iconmandyrez: :iconvladimonster: :icondweebsenpai:

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